MEE Rebus


MEE Rebus是本地的一种马来食品。。。




10条回应 to “MEE Rebus”

  1. 树胶园 Says:

    Chinese name= 马来汝/濡面?

    Last time I tried one next to my office at Jln Tun Abdul Razak which was tastier than the one sold at Stulant Laut! Too bad that warong has shut down long time ago…

  2. chris Says:


    原来中文叫”马来卤面”哦! 😉
    可惜呀!要不然可以去你哪吃好吃的MEE REBUS!

  3. Vera Says:

    竟然在我断食时给我看到 mee rebus!!!

    想到就流口水 ~!~

    除了mee rebus, 我也喜欢有一点汤汁的 mee siam @.@

    Yummy yummy~~

  4. 树胶园 Says:

    Speaking of mee siam, according to my fren, the indian stall selling kuih & mee (including mee siam) at 三楼 hawker centre (where the famous ice kacang with chocolate syrup is also sold) is the best! That stall has been operating for many yrs… so far I don’t remember having tried their meesiam, so… can’t comment loh.

    Aiks, it’s 卤面 and not what I’ve typed… couldn’t find the word 卤 coz typed in ru instead of lu! 8D My chinese is going downhills……

    Dear Vera, has my futher comment on food tempted you to stop fasting?? ;3p

  5. Vera Says:

    ho ho no leh~~ i’m very determined one!! f

    urthermore i dun know which hawker centre you referred to ^.^ also nvr tried the famous ice kacang!! ur comment has no effect on me~~~ haha

  6. 树胶园 Says:

    oic… you’re not from JB. Do come in to JayBee but do pre-book Chris as yr gastronomical tour guide in advance! She can bring u to the places I mentioned, which can REALLY test yr determination for fasting! ^_^

  7. chris Says:

    那里的红豆冰真的超好吃! 😉
    就如你所说的淋上浓浓的巧克力酱,料也挺丰富的!(哇!想到流口水了!) 😳
    那里还有辣沙、干捞面、经济饭等等对吧 ❓

  8. 树胶园 Says:

    Yeah, that’s the one I’m talking about. Can still get RM2.5 to RM3 经济饭 there!! Mmmm…. laksa, slurp slurp yummy yum yum! Today is a rainy & cold day, just the right condition for indulging in laksa!! 8d

    There’s also a stall there selling Hakka 擂茶 if you want vege-only dish. I think chicken rice is also available there.

    I must try the Thai laksa there someday- went there last Thu but it was the uncle’s rest day…

  9. chris Says:


    我这午餐时间一小时,又是在工业区里,午餐的选择少只又少。。。 😦

  10. 树胶园 Says:

    唔。。。 我这儿附近还有:

    2。杂饭 + 煮炒(滑蛋河,卤面,炒饭/面 等等等)
    4。Wisma 肥婆 Kak Nor 的分行 QuRatu 的马来饭+goreng-goreng

    口水留干了吗?? 8D


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